2022-2023 Student School Schedules

  • Student SchedulesWelcome to School Year 2022-2023!   Below you will find schedules for all learners. We designed these schedules to include the best of the pre-COVID school schedules with the positive elements of our virtual and hybrid schedules used in the past two school years.  Included is time for relationship building, social-emotional growth,and learning support through class time and Flex blocks. We want to engage, excite, and energize students and teachers to have a wonderful Fall 2022 opening to school. 

    NOTE:  Your student’s personal student schedule with their daily classes and name(s) of their teacher(s) will be given out through their school.  Principals will be letting you know about this information as back to school orientations and sneak-a-peeks are scheduled.



Specialty Programs

Virtual Instruction Day (inclement weather) PreK-12 Schedules

  • NOTE:  Please read the top of the Synchronous Virtual Day Schedules to learn about what students will need and what is expected of students during these days.


    • Asynchronous Virtual Learning Schedules

    Student assignments or activities for the asynchronous VID day will be posted by the teacher in Brightspace Courses for students to complete when an asynchronous virtual instruction day is chosen to be used in AACPS.  Please log in to your Brightspace class(es) by 2:00 PM to get your work for the day.  Logging into your Brightspace class(es) is how attendance will automatically be taken for the day. 

    Students are on their own to work on the assignments for the day; there will be no live instruction with teachers. However, elementary, middle, and high school teachers will be available virtually to answer questions or provide clarification on assignments for one hour during the school day.  Students needing teacher assistance can use the Google Meet link posted in their Brightspace class(es) to join their teacher virtually.  Elementary teachers will be available virtually from 10:00 AM -11:00 AM and middle and high school teachers will be available from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM.

    NOTE: Students will not be counted present for the asynchronous VID day unless they log into their Brightspace class(es) to locate their activities or assignments for the day.


AACPS Virtual Academy (VA)

  • The Virtual Academy is a virtual-only learning solution for a limited number of students entering grades 3-12 who have an identified need for virtual learning

    View more details about Virtual Academy