• Contract being signed Welcome to the Purchasing Office for AACPS. Please explore our site then contact us 
    with further questions. We look forward to doing business with you.




    The new eMaryland Marketplace Advantage (eMMA) system is now available. Following are some important considerations as you begin to use eMMA:


    Accessing eMMA

    ·         You can find the link to the new eMMA system by visiting procurement.maryland.gov.

    ·         Your login credentials will be

    o    Username = your email address

    o    Password = emma.vendor!

    (NOTE: You should change your password upon initial login by accessing your profile settings in the top right corner of the eMMA homepage)


    IMPORTANT: If you completed the “Vendor Information Questionnaire,” your preliminary vendor profile is already in the new system. Please take the time to complete your vendor profile once you login. You will need to update your commodity codes in eMMA. Please consult the attached Quick Reference Guide (QRG) – “Managing Vendor Profile” – for details.


    If you did not complete the Questionnaire, or if the above login information does not work, click the link for “New Vendor? Register Now” to complete the vendor registration.


    Solicitations in process prior to July 17, 2019

    Your Procurement Officer will update the Solicitation and explain the method(s) of submission, which could include the following:

    ·         Resubmit via eMMA (electronically);

    ·         Resubmit via paper response format; or

    ·         Resubmit via secure/password-protected email.


    Questions and support for eMMA

    ·         There are numerous Quick Reference Guides available on procurement.maryland.gov ; these Guides provide step-by-step instructions and screenshots on working within eMMA. For your convenience, we have attached two (2) Guides to this email that will help you create and/or manage your Profile in the new eMMA system.

    ·         You can email us at emma.helpdesk@maryland.gov


    We look forward to working with you in the eMMA system!


    1 - eMMA QRG Registering as a Vendor v4.pdf
    2 - eMMA QRG - Managing Vendor Profile v2.pdf

    Update your subscriptions, modify your password or email address, or stop subscriptions at any time on your Subscriber Preferences Page. You will need to use your email address to log in. If you have questions or problems with the subscription service, please contact subscriberhelp.govdelivery.com.






  • AACPS comprises 128 schools and more than 84,000 students. The operating budget for FY 2020 is more than $1.2 billion.  The Board of Education and the Superintendent have authorized the Supervisor of Purchasing to award contracts for services, construction, maintenance, commodities and equipment, leases, and architectural/engineering services.  The Board must approve most contracts exceeding $100,000. This flexibility allows us to quickly respond to the needs of our schools.

    All qualified businesses are encouraged to bid on AACPS contracts.  

    Please complete our Vendor Survey here.  (Note:  Survey link will be active again in January 2020.)

    Bidding on projects with MBE goals

    Contact Us:
    2644 Riva Road
    Annapolis, MD 21401