• AACPS Summer Programs

    Registration is currently closed for summer 2020.  During the week of July 6-10th you will be contacted about starting Summer School or the NG Recovery Program. 


    The NG Recovery Program is not a traditional class like Summer School.  For the NG Recovery Program, students will have 2-3 check ins with mentors that will be set by the parent and mentor. From there, it is mostly fluid and flexible. Teacher tutors will be available on a schedule so students may need to make time to meet with a tutor if needed. The teachers will be contacting parents/students starting on Tuesday July 7th through July 10th.



    • Summer school 2020 instruction is virtual on your computers but it is synchronous live teaching and learning. This means that there are no recorded lessons posted.  Students must be physically present in their summer school class for the entire scheduled class time.

    • Students must be logged in to Google Classroom and in Google Meet with their video on for attendance purposes. This is essential everyday to complete the requirements of the courses.  In this way, we are ensuring that our students have the best and most complete educational experience possible this summer. 

    • Please return the google form received when students were registered for summer school courses.

Elementary Summer Virtual Academies

  • AACPS Summer 2020

    ENGAGE - General Elementary Summer Virtual Academy (K-2)

    Designed for students currently in Grades K-2 who require additional support in math or language arts; they will engage in learning throughout the month of July in a relaxed, positive setting.

    The ENGAGE General Elementary Summer Virtual Academy will run July 6-July 30, 2020. Classes meet Monday-Thursday from 9:00 am-11:30 am.

    SOAR - Title I Elementary Summer Virtual Academy (K-5)

    Designed for students currently in Grades K-5 at Title I schools who wish to maintain their reading and math skills throughout the summer in a relaxed, positive setting. Teachers or School Counselors will be reaching out to targeted students and families with invitations.  

    The SOAR - Title I Elementary Summer Virtual Academy will run July 6-July 30, 2020. Classes meet Monday-Thursday from 9:00 am-11:30 am.

    Inspire Summer Virtual Academy (Grade 2)

    Designed for targeted grade 2 students identified as gifted and/or advanced by AACPS.  Students will be engaged in literacy and math as well as project-based co-curricular programming Monday-Thursday for two weeks. Advanced Studies & Programs teachers will be reaching out to targeted students and families with invitations. 

Secondary Summer School: July 7 - August 4, 2020

  • Our virtual secondary summer school program offers students a limited number of secondary school courses and provides students the opportunity to:

    • make up work in which they were unsuccessful
    • improve grade averages in sequential subjects
    • earn credits to meet high school graduation requirement

    Secondary Summer School classes will be held online due to COVID 19. Assignment to Secondary Summer School will be determined by student's home school. See contact information on the right. 


  • This virtual secondary summer four-week program offers students in sixth through 11th grades who received a “No Grade - NG” status for the fourth quarter, but did not fail the third quarter, an opportunity to improve their second semester grade.  This is a special program offered due to the unforeseen challenges and stressors that occurred for many of our students due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Counselors and teachers will be speaking with students and families regarding this program as a recommended student summer option for increased learning and grade improvement. Students interested in this program must register; they will receive a diagnostic to identify elements from Quarter 4 that still need to be learned and then receive drop-in, teacher-led tutoring session opportunities to complete and submit assignments by August 4, 2020. 

Magnet Summer Bridges

  • No in-person magnet program summer bridges will run this summer, however, there will be virtual summer bridge opportunities. Please visit the AACPS Magnet Website to get your Summer 2020 Magnet Bridge questions answered.


  • Prek-8 Summer Buffet Open to ALL PreK-8 students! This offering is an open eight-week Virtual Learning Buffet of exciting and engaging PreK-8 core and encore learning challenges, virtual fieldtrips, games, creative writing opportunities, arts experiences, and more!  This buffet will change weekly throughout the summer for all interested students and families. Dive into Summer Engagement here!

    Sun, Clouds, Learning a Ton While in the Sun

    The content included in the AACPS Virtual Learning Buffet is intended to support learning from the grade you just completed. For example, if you just finished 4th grade, you would choose Grade 4. You are welcome, of course, to learn new things by viewing the grade you will enter in the fall, or even the additional grades. Most important, have fun with the activities!

  • Arlington Echo SUMMER CAMPs

    No face to face summer camps will run at Arlington Echo this summer. Please visit the Arlington Echo website for information on summer camp refunds. Arlington Echo will be offering a variety of online/get outside experiences that students can engage in this summer.  Week-long interactive sessions at a variety of grade levels will be offered, along with family adventures. Find out more on the Echo @ Home page!

World/Classical Languages Summer Camps

Math Middle School Summer Programs

  • Although no middle school summer math programs will run this summer in-person, there will be a four-week middle school math transition programs (by invitation) offered virtually for some students. Counselor or teachers will be reaching out to students and families.  If you have questions, e-mail the Middle School Math Coordinator, Nicole Howard at nbhoward@aacps.org.

Language & Literacy Newcomer Middle School Program

  • We will identify and invite approximately 50 middle school newcomers to a four-week virtual Language & Literacy Program to engage and support these students to grow in their confidence and ability to speak and use English to navigate social, emotional, and academic learning challenges.  Please email your questions to ELA Coordinator, Ms. Shelley Hartford at shartford@aacps.org


  • No in-person ESY summer program will run this summer, however, there will be virtual learning opportunities offered based on students’ ICLPs/IEPs. Your student’s teachers or principal will contact you with information.  Please contact Meghan Lynch at mmlynch2@aacps.org to get your ESY questions answered.

Art, Dance & Music Camps


  • Elementary Summer Academies

    SOAR Title I Summer Academy (K-5)
    Stacey Witte
    Title I Office

    General Summer Academy (K-2)
    Inspire Summer Academy - 2nd Grade
    Ryan Brown

    Secondary Summer School*

    Nelson C. Horine, II
    Secondary Summer School

    Kim Kavanaugh (Secondary Summer School)
    Administrative Assistant

    * Summer school offices are open Mon-Thurs from 8 am – 3 pm. For assistance with online registration (technical or otherwise) call 410-544-0182, 410-674-7415, or 410-956-0462.

    Secondary Summer NG 

    Kevin Wajek
    Director of Instruction for Academics
    Curriculum and Instruction

    Susan Love
    School Counseling

Summer Meals Food Program

  • Summer Meals for Kids - food that's in when school is out View the Summer Meal Menu & ScheduleAACPS Mobile Meals school bus

    AACPS provides free breakfast and lunch to children ages 2-18 during the summer as part of the USDA’s Summer Food Service Program. There are no income or registration requirements. COME AND ENJOY A HEALTHY MEAL!

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