Retirement Planning and Pension Information

  • Thinking about retiring?  This page will help you prepare for retirement, whether you plan to retire this year or well into the future. 

Retirement Timeline

Retirement Information Session and Forms Workshop

  • Information Session

    Forms Workshop

    Meet with your AACPS Retirement Specialist to review your completed forms before they are uploaded to MSRA – be sure your forms are complete & book your appointment early for July retirements, slots fill quickly. 

    If you and/or your spouse are age 65 or older, contact Social Security to file for Medicare parts A & B.  Provide AACPS/Retirement a copy of your Medicare card if you would like to continue with our healthcare as a supplemental plan.

Disability Retirement

  • The Maryland State Retirement & Pension System provides benefits for two types of disability retirement; ordinary and accidental.  MSRA website has a short Disability Overview video with information.

    It is a two-step process, and timeliness is essential. 

    When you have the necessary forms to file a disability claim completed, including medical documentation, meet with your AAPCS Retirement Specialist to review and submit.

Reemployment after Retirement

Pension Information for Current Employees

  • The Maryland State Retirement and Pension System has a long history of providing retirement benefits to employees and teachers of Maryland state and local employers. 

    Benefits include:

    • Survivor protection if a member dies before retirement
    • Disability coverage in the event that a member is unable to continue working due to a disabling injury or illness
    • A basic monthly retirement allowance based on the member’s age, service and salary upon retirement
    • And more

    mySRPS is a secure website that lets eligible SRA pension plan participants get information and make transactions related to their retirement account.  See contributions, both in terms of time and money, when you are eligible to retire and how much you can expect when you do. Register through the MSRA website with the help of this how to enroll guide.

Leave of Absence & your Pension

  • A leave of absence without pay, that has been approved both by AACPS and Maryland State Retirement for one of the following qualifying reasons:

    • Member’s personal illness; or
    • Birth or legal adoption of child; or
    • Career-related study

    Will benefit with:

    • Survivor benefit protection
    • Eligibile to purchase service credit

    Submit a form 46 Qualified Leave of Absence Request or Notification of Military Service Entry for approval prior to your leave, and submit a form 26 Request to Purchase Previous Service when you return to purchase that service. 

    Failure to submit a form 46 could impact the death benefit paid to your beneficiaries and your ability to purchase back your leave time when you return to work.

    Maryland State Retirement & Pension System offers a short Leave of Absence video on their website.

Pension Information for Former Employees

  • Separating from Membership  

    If you leave AACPS as a vested member of the Maryland State Retirement & Pension System, your accumulated benefits are protected, and you are guaranteed to receive a future benefit unless you withdraw your accumulated contributions.

    For those who separate before earning a future vested benefit, that do not plan on returning to service within four years of separation, MSRA encourages the withdrawal of any accumulated contributions made to the System while employed with AACPS.

    To find out whether you are a vested member or not, either call MSRA, or log on to or enroll in mySRPS.  This how to enroll how to enroll guide for former employees might be helpful.

    You can request a refund of member contributions to the pension only if you are separated from all and any employment with an employer that participates in the Maryland State Retirement & Pension System.  This includes temporary, emergency and contractual positions.

    If you have been separated from employment for less than 6 months, AACPS must certify your separation date on the appropriate form within the package. Your signature on the withdrawal form must be notarized


  • For the latest version of the Maryland State Retirement Agency's newsletters for both Employees and Retirees: Newsletters



  • Human Resources Office of Retirement
    1-800-909-4882 (within U.S. only)


    Social Security Administration
    185 Harry Truman Parkway, Suite 114
    Annapolis, MD 21401
    Phone: 1-888-840-0684
    TTY: 1-800-325-0778


    Maryland State Retirement Agency


    Anne Arundel Dept. of Aging and Disabilities

    1. Heritage Complex – Bldg 2666, 2666 Riva Rd., Annapolis, MD 21401
    2. 7320 Ritchie Highway, Glen Burnie, MD 21061

    Telephone for both locations: 410-222-4257