• colorful globe-International Student and Family Welcome Center-Centro de Bienvenida para familias y estudiantes Internacionales

  • Due to the impact of the recent hurricanes, all students coming to AACPS from Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands should come to the International Student & Family Welcome Center to register. This allows us to ensure students are placed in appropriate classes and get all the services they may need.

  • What is the International Student and Family Welcome Center (IWC)?

    The IWC is the first point of contact for international students entering Anne Arundel County Public Schools. At the IWC you can

    • register your child for school
    • have your child screened for English Language Acquisition (ELA) and other educational services
    • get information about community services and resources for your family 

    Who registers at the IWC?

    You should come to the IWC if your family speaks a language other than English at home and your child has attended school in another country. 

    Who should register at their home school?

    • All new kindergarten students whose home language is not English
    • All new students in grade 1 - 12 whose home language is not English and who are transferring from another school system in the United States.