• (formerly the AACPS Performing & Visual Arts Magnet Program)

    Apex Arts' mission is to provide students with rigorous, immersive, and collaborative artistic experiences that are rooted in the creative process, while preparing them for an array of future opportunities.


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  • PVA is now Apex Arts!


    Apex Arts

    Over the course of the last 13 years, Anne Arundel County Public Schools has provided Performing & Visual Arts (PVA) Magnet Program students with collaborative, immersive, and robust opportunities to acquire and enhance their skills through industry standard training and immersive experiences at the middle and high school levels.

    As the careers for which we prepare students evolve and expand, we must continue to reimagine and reshape our PVA Magnet Programs so that our students can continue to be positioned not just to enter their chosen artistic field, but to excel in it.  To that end, we have been engaged in a unique partnership with atomicvibe Design Lab for the past two years that has engaged in a wide array of stakeholders in a comprehensive examination of our offerings to determine how to best adapt our program moving forward.

    This multi-year transformational journey will result in an expansion of programmatic offerings, and most immediately, a new name to better reflect the breadth of students we are preparing for fantastic futures.  The ongoing work on behalf of current and future students in the Apex Arts Magnet Program as it will be known beginning at the outset of the 2022-2023 school year, will allow for the incorporation of disciplines such as sound engineering, graphic design/marketing, and arts management.  Moreover, we will continue to keep pace with changes in the variety of organizations and industries in which our students choose to be engaged and create relationships between those students and industry experts.  

    We are beyond excited about what the future holds for this program and for our students!


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    Applications and Auditions

    Plan to immerse yourself in your favorite artform in Apex Arts!

    Information about Magnet Programs, Requirements, and Application Process:

    Fall Application Window
    October 9 - November 13 @ noon 2023


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