Educator of the Month

  • The Board of Education recognizes an educator in our school system who truly emulates a teacher’s love for her job. She has been at the forefront moving AACPS students to gain a deeper understanding of science and connections to the real world.

    Valerie Wesner, Coordinator of Science, is always looking for ways to improve experiences with sciences for AACPS communities. She works closely with all three levels of students and staff in the county. She promotes positive changes in the growth of students and staff, providing meaningful professional development for teachers.

    Valerie refuses to cut corners on the rigor necessary to prepare students for the future. She has long been a champion for the Anne Arundel County Science and Engineering Expo, which many of us have had the please of attending. She believes in student immersion in the practice of science and the celebration of curiosity of young learners.

    Ms. Wesner is a strong leader who expects 100% from all those who work with her, while expecting 150% from herself. As the coordinator of all things science in all grades from Kindergarten to 12th grade, she manages multiple tasks with grace and efficiency. Nothing falls through the cracks – all projects are seen through to completion.

    Valerie Wesner – you play a critical role in the academic achievement and success of the students of Anne Arundel County Public Schools. Additionally, you ensure that those you are working with are valued and appreciated.  We learned recently that this July, after 37 years educating our students and helping our teachers emerge into high-level science resources, you are retiring. We wish you all the best in the future and are honored to recognize you Educator of the Month for April 2020.  Congratulations!

2019 Teacher of the Year

 Teresa Beilstein



Degrees and Certifications:

Teresa Beilstein

2019-2020 Maryland State Teacher of the Year

Third Grade Teacher, South Shore Elementary School

"This profession is truly an honor. It is the intersection of my passion and purpose. I am so lucky to have a career that fulfills me as a person. It’s more than I could ever ask for and I’m honored to represent my colleagues across the state.”

Press Release

Ms. Beilstein shares her story with the Faces of AACPS.