2019-2020 Important Updates/Information

No dogs/pets are permitted on School Grounds during the school day (this includes at arrival/dismissal)  Please leave your pet at home as many children are afraid or allergic to animals.

NO Balloons permitted in the school for lunches/birthdays -  balloons get caught in the ceiling.

ALL Birthday Treats (party snacks) MUST be store bought -  we cannot permit non-store bought items to be distributed at school.

NO outside food should EVER be distributed to children at our allergy free table - this allows the school to better monitor foods for any of our students that may have severe medical conditions.  If you come in for lunch with your child, you can provide them lunch BUT cannot provide lunch/food items for other children.  (except birthday (store bought) treats for the childs classmates.

All Transportation changes must occur before 3:20 during the normal school day.  IT is BEST if you send a signed note in with your student to the teacher in the morning so that the school is aware of any changes.   If you are picking up your student "early" from school - you must do so by 3:20 to allow time for the school staff and student to depart school before regular dismissal.

Be certain to ALWAYS bring your ID to school office when visiting/or checking out a student.  No student will be released without proper identification.