Do students have to wear the physical education uniforms and what is the cost?

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Yes, every student must wear the uniform during PE class.   Uniforms cannot be shared.   New uniforms are $20 ($10 for shirt, $10 for shorts)  Students may wear their personal black shorts, granted they are approved by the PE staff.


Students must also be sure to wear appropriate athletic footwear (no boots, no sandals, no slippers, no dress shoes, no bare feet). For every day that students forget their uniform, a rental uniform will be provided at a rental fee of $1.00 per day.   If students do not have money, they will acquire an indebtness form for any money owed.  Rentals are returned at end of each class.


Students are allowed to wear sweat pants or sweat shirts over their uniforms during colder weather.  Jewelry is not permitted, except for stud earrings.


All students must provide their own locks for PE lockers.


More information, such as locker room procedures, will be distributed by the PE teacher once school begins.