What products may not be purchased with a procurement card?

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Procurement cards may NOT be used for the following:
  1.   Cash advances
  2.   Rental or lease of land, buildings, or vehicles
  3.   Purchase of telecommunications (telephone) services
  4.   Items for personal use
  5.   Dues for professional or trade organizations
  6.   Splitting transactions
  7.   Computer hardware and software (Restriction is to ensure conformance with standards developed by TIS only.
        This does not include your mouse, cables, classroom software, etc.…)
  8.   Temporary personnel
  9.   Travel expenses
 10.  Gift Cards
 11.  Printing procurements handled by the Design and Print Services Office (Note: School based printing is permissible.)
 12.  Textbooks ("3200" and "3205" Accounts) Except ghost accounts specifically issued for Single Textbook Program Adoption
 13.  Construction and architect/engineering services