Job Description Library

Posted by Kathy Orndorff on 11/1/2016

Online Job Descriptions

All active job descriptions except Unit IV are available on the Classification intranet page

All job descriptions will be available online in JDXpert (coming soon).

JDXpert is designed to:

  • Allow employees to search and view job descriptions online
  • Allow employees to acknowledge their job description electronically
  • Allow managers to search, view, edit, and submit changes for existing job descriptions
  • Allow managers to create new job descriptions
  • Allow employees and managers to identify if a job description is career ladder eligible
  • Allow HR to track and store historical job descriptions  
  • Allow participation in Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ)

The Classification Intranet page contains:

  • Contact Information
  • Forms
  • Help & Support Documents
  • Helpful Links

Career Ladder Upgrade Eligibility

Units III, IV, and V have several career ladder eligible positions identified. An employee can identify if a position is eligible if multiple grades AND career ladder requirements are listed on the job description. For additional instructions on requirements and submission, please visit Help & Support located on the Classification intranet page.

For assistance, contact HR Classification at or call 410-266-3761.