BOE Approves Revised $214.2M FY2021 Capital Budget Request

Posted by Melvin Edwards on 2/20/2020

The Board of Education unanimously approved a revised official Fiscal Year 2021 Capital Budget request of $214.2 million after passing a pair of amendments to the plan it approved in September.

The amendments reduced the FY2021 request by $650,000. The Board added $800,000 in county funding to the “PS Military Installation Grant” line, providing sufficient local contribution necessary to access more than $90 million in federal grant funding to renovate Meade High School.

The Board then adjusted the “Security Related Upgrades” line by $1.45 million after consultation with the county Police Department that resulted in the identification of a more appropriate form of security glass at school entrances.

The Board also formally approved its six-year Capital Improvement Plan, which allocates requested funding for projects through FY2026.

The Board’s request will now be submitted to County Executive Steuart Pittman, who will make a recommendation to the County Council on May 1. The County Council will review that plan and adopt a final capital budget for the school system by June 15, 2020.