Bus Pass Procedures

Bus Pass Procedures
Important Message Regarding Bus Pass Requests:
Due to the large volume of requests we are requiring a minimum of 24 hour advance notice for all Exceptional Transportation Requests (Bus Passes). The request must be in written form and requires the following:
1. Student’s name, who is requesting to ride a different bus
2. Parent contact information for that student – name, address and phone number
3. Reason for needing the student to ride a different bus
4. Name of other student who the student is requesting to go home with and that student’s parent contact information, with name, address and phone number
5. If a child care request, the name, address and phone number of the adult responsible for the student’s supervision
6. A written note from the parent or responsible adult listed in number 4 or 5, confirming the request from the student in number 1, with their name, address, phone number and the requesting student’s name

All requests will be confirmed by phone call to phone numbers listed in the written notes, so please provide accurate information. Also all requests should not be considered automatically approved. Students and requesting parents will be notified if the request is denied. We understand that emergencies happen and we will address each one on an individual basis.