Point of Contact for setting up appointments with Administrators or Counselors


Below you will find email addresses to reach secretaries to make sure you receive a scheduled visit with your Administrator or Counselor (there are no drop in meetings so please make sure when coming to the building you are scheduled for a visit).  They will get back to you with your scheduled meeting time and Administrator or Counselor.  Remember that if you need to get into Summer School, you would reach out to your Counselor. 

Thank you and have a Great Weekend and Stay Safe

ahafer@aacps.org (Principal Secretary)

cfelder@aacps.org (Administrative Secretary)

thodge-wells@aacps.org (Administrative Secretary

pcullum@aacps.org (Counseling Secretary)


Again remember you will need your state issued identification, face mask and if you are sick, please email and reschedule your appointment.