Unity Day 2018

Posted by Dr. George Arlotto, Superintendent, AACPS on 11/1/2018

There are no more powerful words in our school system’s Strategic Plan than these: All Means All.
Our mission to Elevate All Students and Eliminate All Gaps is predicated on the premise that we do everything we can for every single child in our care. That means, in part, that we create an environment free from bullying and hate by fostering a climate of kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. We can’t, of course, accomplish this through any single act. Rather, we must do it hour by hour, day by day.
However, we can make powerful statements about the environment we wish to create for our students. Tomorrow offers just such an opportunity as our entire school system takes part in the National Bullying Prevention Center’s Unity Day 2018. Our AACPS family has been encouraged to wear orange tomorrow to create a powerful and visible statement that we are committed to fostering acceptance and inclusion and eliminating hate and bullying.
Why orange? As Paula Goldberg, Executive Director of PACER Center, puts it: “Orange provides a powerful, visually compelling expression of solidarity. Whether it’s hundreds of individuals at a school wearing orange, store owners offering orange products, or a community changing a landmark to orange, the vibrant statement becomes a conversation starter, sending the supportive, universal message that bullying is never acceptable behavior.”