Visitors and Volunteers

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Parents are invited and encouraged to visit and observe in the school. To request a visit, please contact the teacher or principal at least one day in advance to schedule a mutually convenient time. ALL visitors must enter through the main front doors and report to the office prior to going to any area in the building at any time. This helps to maintain our school security.

AACPS Regulations - Visitors to the schools (article KD-RA)


C. Procedures

4. Classroom visits are arranged as follow:

a. Classroom visits and conferences by parents and other persons in the school community are encouraged. These visits should be arranged through the teacher with notification made to the principal. The principal reserves the right to limit or schedule the visit in such a way to diminish or avoid disruption to the normal operations of the class and the school.




Volunteers are parents who contribute their time and talents toward the enrichment and support of our educational program. They may work with small groups of children or an individual child or help to prepare instructional materials (running off papers, laminating materials, etc.). There is an orientation held in late September. In order to fully devote your time and support the teacher, no sibblings are allowed while volunteering, in the class room or on a field trip. For more information, you may contact the Volunteer Coordinators or the school. Some areas where volunteers are needed include the following:

  • Reading/Writing Tutors Media Center Helpers

  • Kindergarten Helpers Computer Lab Helpers


Often our community parents wish to help us out at South Shore by substituting. This is a very valuable service. Parents need to go through the Board of Education for processing, but then can designate South Shore as a choice school. Please consider this opportunity. 

When a parent in the community substitutes for South Shore, it is highly important that confidentiality is maintained. It would never be appropriate to discuss confidential student/school events within the community as a result of the substitute’s experience.

If the administration and/or teachers feel this confidentiality is being breached, the parent(s) will no longer be able to substitute at South Shore.