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Class configurations are compiled by the administration and staff. This is a difficult and complex task and many factors are taken into account. When grouping children, we consider students’ abilities, work habits and social skills. We will try to place students where they will be able to work successfully with their new team of teachers and classmates, thereby maximizing their potential.

Requests for a specific teacher will not be accepted. The South Shore staff feels strongly about demonstrating mutual respect for all teachers. We have a staff with various experiences and styles, and feel all have something special to offer the South Shore community of learners. 

Requests will be considered only when they are substantiated by recommendations from a psychologist or other certified professional. Any requests need to be specific in the suggested teaching/environment characteristics required (not a specific teacher) and state the child’s individual needs so that the appropriate accommodations can be made.

This established process allows for thorough and equitable instructional placements for all of our children. Thank you for your support and respect for our professional judgment.