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Fire Lanes and Bus Loop

Parking in designated fire lanes and/or bus loops is prohibited. This prohibition extends to staff, students, visitors, and spectators
at athletic events. Principals and building administrators will make a concerted effort to monitor these areas during the school day and

at school sponsored activities. Any vehicle parked in a fire lane must be moved to an authorized parking space. As you know, in a critical

emergency, the loss of even one minute caused by vehicles blocking fire and police department access can be the difference

between life and death.


Maryland Motor Vehicle Law § 21-101.1(b)2,3 states:

A person may not drive a motor vehicle in violation of any provision of this title on any property that is owned by or under the control of this State or any of its political subdivisions, county boards of education, or community colleges and that is open to vehicular traffic and used by the public in general. Any person who violates any provision of this subsection is in violation of the law to the same extent and is subject to the same penalty as if the motor vehicle were driven on a highway.