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The faculty of South Shore Elementary School considers homework to be an important component of the educational process. It is to serve a definite purpose and be an extension of the daily instructional program. It should provide practice for skills already taught. Skills should already be understood by students.

The type, quantity, and frequency of homework assigned will depend upon the teacher’s judgment of the student’s need and ability to complete the work within a reasonable time. Homework assignments also have a value in teaching students to assume responsibility for self-improvement and to exercise self-discipline in attending to a task. Students should complete work independently. Parents should check on the process and give encouragement for homework to be completed.

Teachers will send work home to children who are absent because of illness if they feel it is necessary to the child’s progress. Otherwise, the child will be helped to make-up missed assignments when he/she returns to school. It is not necessary to call or write to request that work be sent home. There will be a 24-hour turn around time for any parental requests for homework.