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Students are expected to maintain proper standards of behavior at all times while at school. These standards include respect for the safety, property and rights of others, and as well as courteous treatment at all times. Please carefully note the Anne Arundel County Board of Education policies regarding student rights and responsibilities as stated in the “Anne Arundel County Public Schools Parent/Student Handbooks.”

The discipline program at South Shore is designed to promote appropriate behavior and accentuate the positive. Children are encouraged to make appropriate choices that ensure the safety of others and respect for the learning environment.

Teachers will reward appropriate behaviors in a variety of ways and will provide warnings, counseling and consequences for inappropriate behavior. Parents will be notified of inappropriate behavior that occurs at school so that we can work together closely to modify and correct unacceptable conduct.

It is essential that parents reinforce our behavioral expectations at home. The staff and faculty will maintain close contact and open communication with families in order to ensure that every child has the chance to benefit from the instructional program in a safe, caring environment.