Cafeteria Rules

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Please review with your children.

• Enter the cafeteria in the same quiet manner that you used when you came down the hall.
• Walk slowly.
• Be polite in the lunch line. Speak clearly to the serving person.
• Use only “inside voices” while in the dining area.
• Be willing to make new friends when it is necessary for you to sit beside students you have not met. We do not “save” seats.
• Remember to get your seasoning or sauces (ketchup or mustard) before going to your table. When you do forget, raise your hand and ask
 for permission to return for it.
• Do not trade your food or give it away.
• Remember to use good table manners, as you would at home.
• Try to keep our cafeteria clean, so others can enjoy their lunches.
• Listen carefully when a teacher speaks to the entire lunchroom. Stop talking immediately if an adult is speaking.
• Walk at all times in the cafeteria.
• Remain seated until your class is dismissed.

The classroom teachers will review these guidelines with their students as well.