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Bradley Porter’s family has been active in service for as long as he can remember. He recalls his mom volunteering in his community when he was young and he stated he was right out there with her, helping her set up for events. He recalls taking part in the Backpack Buddies program and volunteering at local homeless shelters. 

Bradley is a 10th grader at Annapolis High School who continues to serve his community. As an International Baccalaureate (IB) student, Bradley has to complete a project. Bradley combined his love of fishing and desire to help veterans into his IB Personal Project that also connects to his Signature Change Engineering 1 Class.  Bradley is designing fishing lures and then selling them locally.  All of his profits will be donated to the National VA for Homeless Veterans. Becky Hogan, Signature Facilitator at Annapolis shared that he had the opportunity to present his project to the Signature Integrated Community Stakeholders Team (ICST) and the team members were all very impressed.  They offered up great suggestions as to how to market his lures and reach a larger audience. Bradley's already reached $150 in sales and has pledged to not stop until he reaches his goal of $500.  

In addition to a love of service, Bradley is involved in extracurricular activities. Last year he was part of the Red Cross Club and the One Love Club. He also is an athlete who competes in indoor track, outdoor track, and cross country. He also enjoys fishing in his personal time and teaches younger children the love of fishing as a first mate on a fishing charter. 

In the future, Bradley would like to expand his “Hooks for Homeless Heroes” project. He plans on creating a website for others to learn more about his service in an effort to raise more money for the VA. 

Bradley would recommend that other AACPS students get involved with service. He shared, “When performing acts of service it's like a reward to not only those being helped, but to yourself, you allow yourself to step into a new reality; that focuses on one goal. Helping those in need.” In the words of his advisor, Mrs. Hogan, “Bradley is a Change Engineer!”