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On December 4, 2019, Superintendent George Arlotto delivered to the Board of Education his recommendation regarding the redistricting of school boundaries in the Broadneck cluster in order to best utilize, to the extent possible, the space available at the cluster’s five elementary schools and two middle schools.

Dr. Arlotto is recommend shifting four neighborhoods north of College Parkway on the eastern edge of the current Broadneck Elementary School attendance area from that school to Cape St. Claire Elementary School. The shift of the neighborhoods – identified as 603, 604, 605, and 606 in redistricting documents that can be found below is projected to move 108 students from Broadneck Elementary to Cape St. Claire Elementary. It would move Broadneck Elementary from 109.6 percent of capacity to 93.4 percent, and Cape St. Claire from 76.6 percent of capacity to 92.4.

Dr. Arlotto’s recommendation also includes a grandfathering clause for students who would be entering fifth grade in the 2020-2021 school year. No middle or high school boundaries would be changed under Dr. Arlotto’s recommendation.

The recommendation submitted to Dr. Arlotto by the redistricting committee, made up of representatives from every elementary and middle school in the cluster, would have shifted 33 additional students who reside in three additional neighborhoods – identified as 600, 601, and 602 in the redistricting documents – from Broadneck Elementary to Cape St. Claire Elementary.

The Board will consider Dr. Arlotto’s recommendation and any other alternatives in January and decide which options to take to a public hearing later this year before it votes on a plan. Under Board policy, a redistricting plan must be adopted by April 30, 2020, for it to go into effect in the 2020-2021 school year.

Superintendent's Recommendation on Redistricting, presented to the Board on December 4, 2019 

Redistricting Committee Report to the Superintendent

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