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Student Loan Debt Presentation

You are invited to a free session about Student Loan Debt program offered through one of our partners, Horace Mann. This is open to all AACPS employees.

(877) 375-1292 | Email

If you’re struggling with student loan debt, we’re here to help. Join me for an informative virtual workshop where you’ll learn how our Student Loan Solutions program can help you:

  • See all your student loan information in one place
  • Calculate your loan forgiveness potential
  • Determine your best repayment plan
  • Apply for loan forgiveness
  • Receive ongoing support and guidance

I’ll also show you how redirecting any savings toward your other life goals can help you get on a path toward a brighter financial future.

You do so much for others – take a little time to take care of you.

Save your spot today!

Date: Wednesday June 16
Time: 4:30 p.m.-5 p.m.





Christie Compeau
Horace Mann Ins Co
(877) 375-1292