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Voluntary Transfer Process Opens Monday for Unit I

Teacher positions for the 2021-2022 school year will be advertised online starting Monday, March 1. As positions become available, they are posted for five (5) days. Interested applicants should go to the employee intranet and click on “Internal Vacancies” under the Hot Links (left side).


Tenured teachers may apply to any position for which they are qualified.

Non-tenured teachers may not participate in the voluntary transfer process until their final year of non-tenured status. Non-tenured teachers that may be considered for portability of tenure may not participate in the voluntary transfer process until tenure in AACPS is attained. Exceptions for non-tenured teachers require the approval of the Executive Director of Human Resources.


Once a position closes, you may or may not be contacted by the school for an interview, in accordance with the TAAAC agreement. If you are selected for an interview and are offered the position, you will have two (2) work days to accept or reject the position. Once you accept a position, you may not accept another one.