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'So You Think You Can Teach' Career-Changer Online Workshop

Do you or someone you know have interest in changing careers/positions to become a teacher?   If you have at least a bachelor’s degree and think that you have both content knowledge and skills to teach, please consider attending our annual career changer workshop on Tuesday, February 2.  We hope that you have or plan to apply to AACPS Human Resources and are also beginning to consider how you plan to work on MSDE teacher certification.


Maureen Gerrity and Deborah Montgomery, the program managers of our school district’s two alternative certification programs are happy to announce that they will be providing a So You Think You Can Teach Workshop to dive deeper into the question of “how can I become a certified teacher?” During the first part of our session, we will review the three pathways to certification. Then we will ask participants to make a choice between the AACPS-Notre Dame of Maryland University’s MAAPP RTC program for participants who wish to become K-12 special educators along with earning dual certification in another teaching are OR the AACPS-Anne Arundel Community College MAAPP RTC program for participants wo wish to become one of 14 middle or high school teachers. (English, Language Arts, Math, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Spanish, French, Technology Ed., Family Consumer Science, Social Studies 7-12). After choosing the type of teaching position of interest, participants will follow another link to a workshop focusing on one of these two programs for a detailed review of how to apply and how that program works.


No pre-registration is required. Just use the Google Meet link below and wait to be admitted into the beginning general session.  For additional information or questions, contact or


So You Think You Can Teach Part 2

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.