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Intern Spotlight: Max Burton, Old Mill High School - Signature Program: International Economics and Finance

Intern Spotlight

Max Burton, Old Mill High School

Signature Program: International Economics and Finance




Name and Location of Internship:

Keller Williams Flagship of MD

231 Najoles Rd

Millersville MD, 21108


Job title/department:

Operations Manager/ Commercial wing of Keller Williams


Supervisor's name and title:

Sam Tanner, Commercial and Residential Real Estate Agent/ Lead Agent


Tell me about yourself:

My name is Max Burton, an Old Mill High School Senior who is interested in business and finance. I play varsity lacrosse at OMHS. My free time is spent running, playing lacrosse, and playing video games. When I grow up, I hope to travel the world and make a lot of money.


Why did you choose to pursue an internship?

I didn’t want to have a food service job anymore and it seemed like a good idea since for the Signature Program at OMHS requires either an internship or a capstone project, so I saw it as a win-win; I get out of food service, and fulfill my requirements for the signature program.


Daily internship duties:

Update calendar to include any new appointments or meetings, etc. Manage client portfolios depends if something for that client needs to be done, I process payroll for myself, input any expenses and process invoices for our accounting sheet. Send and manage documents.


Coolest project you worked on:

My agent and I were responsible for providing a price for housing that surrounds the capital building in D.C. to the tune of 73 Million Dollars, in which our client placed a bid to buy all 73 Million Dollars worth of property.


One thing you have learned that you will take with you:

I have learned a lot about time management and management in general. Making sure there is a schedule and a list of priorities has shown to be very important and it will be something I remember for my life.


Best piece of advice you would give to a junior who is looking to pursue an internship:

Build your resume, participate in clubs and sports, and make it clear to your internship coordinator and your program coordinator that it is something you are interested in. Build relationships with both of those people to get on their good side, so they think of you first when a spot opens up.


Describe one experience at your internship that you will never forget:

The feeling you get when a deal closes, and you can stop stressing and you get to calculate how much your commission will be.


What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation I plan to attend AACC and pursue a degree in finance, after AACC I plan to transfer to a 4-year University and ultimately take the exam to get my CPA (Certified Public Accountant)


Testimonial from Supervisor

Max has been a tremendous help and with him by my side we have been able to manage many more deals then I could have without him. It is my hope that he will shortly move to the next phase and start recruiting and growing our team.