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Over 2,300 Thank-A-Grams sent during Teacher Appreciation Week

Over 2,300 Thank-A-Grams sent during Teacher Appreciation Week! Check out some of our favorites!


Thank you to everyone who made this year’s virtual Teacher Appreciation Week a success! In one week, you shared over 2,300 messages of appreciation to the educators in your life—that’s a lot of love for our #AACPSAwesome teachers! Take a look below for some of our favorites.


                     From: Janiyah, Freetown Elementary School, To: Ms. Amentas

Thank you for all that you do. I miss you and hope to see you soon. The substitute today was horrible (my mom)!

From: Isaiah, Meade High School, To: Ms. Stevens

Thank you, Ms. Stevens, for being one of the best teachers ever! You made my experience at Meade High one to remember. Freshmen year, you were the type of teacher that every freshman needs. Someone who's caring and someone who also holds the line tight as well. If you can set them straight freshmen year the remaining year(s) should be a breeze at least we hope. You believed in me, and my peers as well and although I couldn't stay with you for the remainder of my high school experience it was the skills you taught me and compassion you shared with me that still play a part in my academics today.

          From: Emma, Brooklyn Park Middle School, To: Mr. Reinhard

Mr. Reinhard, over these few months you have changed my life for the better. Your positivity has uplifted my spirit and made me who I am now. Thank you for always being a goofy and kind person everyday even when you were upset. I will always be here for you! You reminded us all to try our best and work hard even when we said "I give up." You never wanted to hear that. Our class has created a strong bond that nothing can break. I'm proud to say you're my favorite teacher ever.

From: Lauren Frank, Riviera Beach Elementary School, To: Ms. Florh

Ms. Florh: From being your student in 3rd grade science to now being your teammate, you have taught me so much and I am beyond thankful for you! If I become half the teacher you are I will consider my career a success. Your students are so lucky to have you!

Still looking for a way to recognize your teachers? Share what makes them special at We’ll share your message with your school & teacher and post it on our Faces of AACPS website.

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