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AACC Offers Online Teaching EDU Course

AACC Offers Online Teaching EDU Course: “Online Instructional Methods”  EDU 209-970 or TAD321-201

If you are looking for another professional development activity focused on teaching through online technology, AACC is offering a one credit course later this spring.  You can earn a credit to support MSDE certificate renewal or take it for non-credit.  As an EDU credit course, you can use direct billing for tuition reimbursement.  Direct Billing forms signed by principal/supervisor must be emailed/faxed to Sandy Koskovich (  Fax 410-777-4316)

If you have already used this year’s tuition reimbursement allotment, you can pay $116  and take it as a non-credit course.

EDU 209 - Online Instructional Methods

1 credit hour - One hour weekly, one term.
Explore the interactive nature of creating a course in the online environment. Convert face-to-face classes to engaging web-based, hybrid and online formats. Practice online course instructional pedagogy, choose and evaluate resources, develop and discover multimedia options, and cultivate student assessment and feedback practices.

This course is in an online format scheduled 5/26 – 6/26/20.  The course may be taken for credit as EDU 209-870 or for non-credit as TAD 321-201.  It is also part of the Pathway to Teaching Adults program.


If you are a “first time” AACC for credit” student, you must also complete an admission application as a “non-degree seeking” student.