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AACPS' January Employee of the Month Featured in Local Newspaper


Cover of The Capital Newspaper on 1/10/2020 AACPS January 2020 Employee of the Month

Darlene McGowan

Central MS

On October 2, 2019 a parent sent the following email with these statements:

“Hello, First I would like to say, “Happy Custodians Day”. I am a mother of a 7th grader and an educator in the county. I understand how one person can make a huge difference. My daughter was having a bad day and was in the bathroom crying. You recognized that she was upset and talked to her about what was going on. After your conversation with her, you took the time to get her in tough with the guidance counselor. The few minutes that you took out of your busy schedule, changed her day and possibly her outlook on 7th grade. We are both grateful that you cared to look after her. I have put your administration and area director on this email because these stories need to be known and shared. You are a true example of, “ALL MEANS ALL”. Thank you for helping and caring for my daughter.

Ms. Darlene McGowan, Custodian at Central Middle School, you are a ray of sunshine and are always willing to assist everyone within the school. You are the epitome of a team player. Whenever a call is made to the custodians in the building, You are the first to respond. No matter what is asked of Mrs. Darlene McGowanMs. Darlene she addresses it with a smile and a willingness to assist further.

Ms. McGowan shows a high degree of professionalism in all that she does. She treats Central Middle School as her own, with a sense of pride. Additionally, Ms. Spencer states, “She is a wonderful person, she stops every day to ask me how I am doing and if she can do anything for me. Her smiles is contagious. She deserves to get the nomination”.

So, without further ado, Darlene McGowan, the Board of Education recognizes you as its January Employee of the Month.

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