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Intern Spotlight: Capri Savoy, Annapolis High School Early Childhood Internship at Georgetown East ES

Capri Savory

Tell me about yourself: I am a senior at Annapolis High School and I am involved in activities outside of school, some of which include: a member of praise dance ministry, Sisters Empowered to be Leaders of the Future (SELF) and All Star Tumbling. Outside of school I am employed as a part-time nanny for children ranging between the ages of 4 months to ten years old.

Why did you choose to pursue an internship? I chose to pursue an internshipbecause I wanted to gain more experience within the field of Early Childhood Education.

What are your plans after graduation? My plans after graduation includes attending a 4-year college to pursue a major in social work and a minor in communications.

Name and location of your internship: Georgetown East Elementary School, Annapolis MD

Mentor Teacher name and title: Caroline Foster-Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Connection to mentor teacher:  My connection to Ms. Foster is like no other. She was my kindergarten teacher and I requested to complete my internship with her. It was no surprise she welcomed me in her classroom with open arms.

Daily internship duties: My daily duties changed frequently and varied. I assisted with lesson plan ideas, interacted with the children, read to the children, learned new songs with the children, assisted with the math centers, made copies and helped them be successful each day during my internship. I also had the opportunity to view other classrooms and experience different areas for my future career path.

Coolest thing I experienced there: ​I had the opportunity to meet with a social worker and talk with her about my career choices.

One thing you've learned that you will take with you: ​ I have learned to be patient and improve my communication skills.

Best piece of advice you would give to a junior who is looking to pursue an internship: ​The best advice that I can give is be open and go for it. You will be very unsure of it at first, but once you get there you will find out if that career interest is for you or not. If you like your experience--enjoy it because it goes by fast.

Describe one experience at your internship that you will never forget:​ I will never forget the amazing teachers and staff that were extremely supportive, especially Ms. Foster, Mrs. Sandy, Ms. Wilson and Mrs. Tang. With all their help, I learned so many valuable skills I will use and take with me into the real world.

Comments from Mentor TeacherI met Capri Savoy when I was her Kindergarten teacher at Georgetown East Elementary School.  Capri would ask to stay in with me at recess while I ate my lunch. There she told me “Miss Foster, you are my best friend!”  and so, the bond began!  Over the years Capri and I continued to stay in touch.  She developed a friendship with my daughter too!  I have always admired Capri’s determination and perseverance.  She always maintains a positive attitude even in difficult times.   I was very excited when Capri mentioned to me that she wanted to do an internship with me.  She insistently formed positive relationships with the other teachers, children and volunteers in my classroom.  We all looked forward to seeing her every week.  Capri was an amazing addition to our Pre-K room.  She was always willing to jump into any task I needed her to do with the utmost professionalism.  I am very excited to see what the future holds for Capri. I know it will be a bright one!