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Attn: Teacher Assistants, Long-Term Subs, Others Interested in Becoming an AACPS Teacher

Although the AACC/AACPS MAAPP RTC panel interview application process closes on March 15, Career Changers from within our AACPS district and others desiring to enter the teaching profession can still apply to AACPS online for critical shortage teaching positions.  These areas include English, MS Language Arts, MS & HS Math, MS Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Spanish, Tech Ed., FACS and Social Studies.

After applying in Navigator online, applicants will work with an HR recruiter assigned by teaching positions through the pre-screening process as a provisional/conditional (non-certified) applicant and later in the hiring season when the pools of certified applicants diminish, may be invited to schools for interviews for actual teaching vacancies.

If hired as a provisional/conditional teacher in one of these critical shortage areas, you will need to choose a pathway to becoming a fully certified teacher.  If the AACC/AACPS MAAPP RTC (Alternative Certification Program for Secondary Critical Shortage Teaching Areas) is the most appropriate pathway, you can apply to the RTC program.

RTC Applicants must have at least a bachelor’s degree with a 2.75+ GPA, passing scores in Praxis Core (or SAT, GRE ACT eligible scores) and passing score in the Praxis Content assessment for the specific content area. For more information, request for applications and updates on requirements and deadlines, please contact Deborah Montgomery, Program Manager, AACC/AACPS MAAPP RTC Program -

NOTE:  This information may also be shared with other career changers outside of AACPS who are seeking a teaching career in AACPS.