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Have You Determined Your Pathway to Certification?

The AACC/AACPS Maryland Approved Alternative Preparation Program – Resident Teacher Certification program for Secondary (Middle & High School) Critical Shortage Content Areas is accepting applications from our current Provisional/Conditional teachers. Two deadlines were established to provide opportunities to complete the internship activity during the 2018-19 school year. 

Since the first application deadline (Jan. 11) has passed, a second deadline, March 1, 2019, was established for conditional teacher applicants who need time to register and take both the Praxis Core (or providing SAT, GRE, ADT scores) and the Praxis 2 Content assessments. This group of conditional teachers should also enroll in AACC EDU 261 & EDU 262 as soon as possible to be eligible to complete their internships from March to June.

Note: The SAT, GRE or ACT score can be used in place of the Praxis Core if it meets the MSDE required score demonstrating proficiency in basic skills (reading, writing and math.)

Conditional teachers may also apply after March 1, 2019 for consideration as RTC program participants during the summer and 2019-20 school year.

If you have questions or need an application, please contact Deborah Montgomery, AACC/AACPS MAAPP/RTC Program Manager at The AACC/AACPS program does not serve our conditional special educators. Special Education conditional teachers interested in an RTC program may contact Maureen Gerrity at for more information