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Crofton MS-Port Pillow Project

Project Runway students at Crofton Middle School are making port pillows as an "early finisher" project. One of the students in the picture has a relative that is currently undergoing chemotherapy and is having her relative deliver to the hospital all of the port pillows that we have completed to date.  Port pillows online cost anywhere from $15 to $25 and we are giving them free to the Infusion Center as a community service.

Attached is a picture of some of my Project Runway students holding port pillows that will be donated to the hospital infusion center. Patients with cancer and some other illnesses require a portacath for medications and blood draws.

A portacath is a small port placed beneath the skin so that cancer patients can get their chemotherapy.  It is often uncomfortable when a seat belt rubs it. A Port Pillow attaches onto the seat belt to protect the port from being irritated.

Pillow Fort Project