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FBI Safe Online Surfing Program

The FBI-SOS (Safe Online Surfing) is an Internet safety program developed and administered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The program, which runs each school year, is easy to implement and started in September and will end in May, 2019.  The FBI-SOS is a free educational program that delivers critical Internet safety information in a fun, competitive format to students in grades three through eight. The program is open to public and private schools and is designed to meet state and federal Internet safety mandates.  The goal of the program is to provide students with knowledge about how to avoid dangerous situations on the Internet, specifically Internet predators.   It allows teachers to work it into their curriculum when it is most appropriate. Each month, students from registered schools learn about Internet safety as they participate in online games and activities.  Upon completion, the students take an online quiz to test their knowledge.  At the end of each month, three trophies (one for each school size category) are awarded to the schools with the highest scoring students on the FBI-SOS post-quiz.

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