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'Year of Frederick Douglass' Contest

2018 marks the "Year of Frederick Douglass" in Maryland, and what better way to celebrate his life than through student voices and creative expression!

Anne Arundel County students, grades 4 through 12, are invited to participate in the “Frederick Douglass 200 Creative Arts Competition” and “Follow In His Footsteps”.

Read about Frederick Douglass. Decide how you can follow in his footsteps. Create an item and describe how you envision following in his footsteps.

Create Artwork - Drawing, painting or photography, 36 x 42 inches maximum

Create a Video - (MP4 file format)-Animation, spoken word, or rap, in 3-5 minutes

Create a Storybook - Written composition with illustrations, 7 page maximum

Create a Textile Object - Such as a quilt or garment

One winner will be selected in each group - High School, Middle School and 4th & 5th graders.
Prizes: High School-$200, Middle School-$200, 4th & 5th grades-$200.

Please see attached for more details