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Intern Spotlight: Megan Munley, Broadneck HS Senior

Megan Munley, Broadneck High School Senior

Early Education Internship at Broadneck Elementary School

Mentor: Mrs. Tia Titgemeyer

Tell me about yourself:

As a senior at Broadneck High School (BHS), I am involved in several extra-curricular activities including National Honor Society and the BHS Field Hockey team. During the summer prior to my junior year, I committed to play Field Hockey for the University of Maryland. Achieving this goal of mine was not an excuse to stop working hard. In fact, I began to work harder. Ever since I was a little girl I knew two things: I wanted to attend the University of Maryland, and I wanted to be a teacher. Throughout my high school career, I did everything I could to support these dreams. I have taken Child Development 1 and 2, and I am completing 3 right now. It is well known that it is very hard to get into Maryland. I knew the only way was to get recruited through my passion which is Field Hockey. I play year-round traveling up and down the East Coast with my devoted mother, Lisa. My busy schedule has a purpose, and that is shaping the future I am so looking forward to. In addition to academics, I also needed some sort of income, so I am employed at Cantler’s Riverside Inn.

Why did you choose to pursue an internship?

I wanted to get hands on experience with the age I would like to teach which is third grade.

What are your plans after graduation?

I am actually graduating early to attend the University of Maryland in the Spring of 2019. I was able to do this by the continuing support from my counselor, Mr. Tim Smith, as he made sure my credits and paperwork were up to standards. Last year, I doubled up in both Math and English.

Name and Location of Internship:

Broadneck Elementary School, Arnold, MD

Job title/department:

Student Teacher, Third Grade

Supervisor's name and title:

Mrs. Tia Titgemeyer, Third Grade ELA Teacher

Daily internship duties:

My daily duties change often and vary from day to day due to the lessons. Mrs. T is primarily an English teacher so my contribution depends on the task given to the children. They do not take tests often but on days they do have tests, I am primarily in charge of monitoring the kids to ensure it is an honest working environment. On days when new lessons are introduced, I sit with them at their table and assist them to better understand the assignment. Also, certain days out of the week Mrs. T has recess duty, and I go out with her to monitor the kids on the playground.

Coolest project you worked on:

I had the opportunity to do a Jenga Block activity with the kids. Each block had a basic addition or subtraction problem and before they put the block on top it was required that the problem was solved correctly.

One thing you have learned that you will take with you:

I learned adaptability.

Best piece of advice you would give to a junior who is looking to pursue an internship:

The best advice I can give is to be open- minded about every given situation because internships really give you a taste of the real world.

Describe one experience at your internship that you will never forget:

I will never forget my great mentor, Mrs. Tia Titgemeyer, because she took me under her wing and allowed me opportunities to be independent with the children confirming my love for teaching.