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Kids Scheduling for a New School Year!

The Kids On the Block™ (KOTB) is a troupe of educational puppets that dress and act like real children. Each, nearly life-size, puppet character has a distinct personality and life story—and the tales they do tell!

Assistance League® of the Chesapeake is pleased to offer a FREE Kids On the Block puppet performance to second grade students in Anne Arundel County.  This year’s program consists of short skits focusing on bullying, learning differences (disabilities), and teasing.  During the Q & A period, the audience interacts directly with the puppet characters.

Designed to encourage empathy for the targets of bullies, this program will:

  • help children understand learning disabilities
  • create awareness of what constitutes teasing and bullying
  • present problem-solving strategies

Performances will be available on Wednesdays from November 8, 2017 to  April 25, 2018.  We anticipate a high demand for this program and urge you to book early.  For scheduling purposes, each performance lasts approximately 45 minutes.  Allow approximately one hour for our performers to set up.  Please try to schedule you performance after lunch.  (We do not mind setting up during lunch.)

For further information or to schedule a performance, please contact:

Linda Halterman

410 721-0287