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  • BoE Appoints 5 County Residents to Fill Vacancies on Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC)

    Posted by Melvin Edwards on 3/5/2020

    The Board of Education recently appointed five county residents to fill vacancies on the Executive Panel of the countywide Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC), a 30-member panel that advises the Board on issues affecting the school system.

    The vacancies filled by today’s appointments came about through resignations or the expiration of terms of former representatives. The panel consists of:

    • Two members from each high school cluster, one representing elementary schools and one representing secondary schools
    • Two at-large county-wide representatives
    • One at-large member designated by the President of the Anne Arundel County Council of PTAs to represent its interests
    • One at-large member designated by the Special Education Citizen Advisory Committee to represent special education interests across the county
    • One at-large member designated by the Chairperson of the Parent Involvement Advisory Council to represent its interests across the county
    • One military representative

    Appointed to today were:

    • Lindsey Ellerson Goebel, Annapolis Elementary Representative
    • Vinay Shankar, Arundel Elementary Representative
    • Sherrell Carr, Glen Burnie Elementary Representative
    • Atalante Shay, Meade Elementary Representative
    • Steven Smith, At-Large Representative
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