Hate/Bias Reports

  • AACPS Hate/Bias Policy and Regulations 

    AACPS has clear policy and regulations that address bias behavior and langauge. Students who experience bias behavior and language are at a significant risk of a range of health, safety, and educational problems. The prevention of bias behavior and language requires a concerted effort to support a whole-school-based bias prevention and intervention program that involves all stakeholders in the school community.

    AACPS Hate/Bias Reports

    Each month, AACPS is required to give a report on Hate/Bias in our schools. You can find copies of the monthly reports here:

    Maryland Hate/Bias Report

    Each year, the Maryland Department of State Police release their Hate/Bias Report that compiles data on incidents of hate and bias on the state and county level as well as a breakdown by zip code.

    Reporting Hate/Bias in AACPS

    If you are looking to report an incident of a hate or bias involving an Anne Arundel County Public Schools student, please contact the Office of Safe and Orderly Schools.


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