• The AACPS Board of Education and Dr. Arlotto recognize the many challenges families face as we continue to adapt to best meet the educational needs of our students during a pandemic. We also know that relationships are the key to the success of any school system. We are committed to continuously seeking improvements to the learning experience for all our students and appreciate the flexibility of our students, parents, teachers, and staff as we strive to enhance education during these trying times. With the safety and well-being of all as the priority of any plan, we look forward to the day all of our students return to the classroom.

    Quarter 1 Reopening Report 11/18/20

  • Registration was open until Monday October 19th @ 5.pm. At this time, we are not accepting changes to initial registrations

    NOTE:  Students who were not registered by the deadline are being placed in the virtual full-year learning model where they will continue to learn virtually on their current time schedule for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.  If you did not register your student by the October 19th deadline and still want your preference to be known, please log your preference below by clicking on the Family Registration button.

  • October 2020 - AACPS Roadmap to Reopening

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    As the local public health climate reflects more favorable conditions to support the transition to in-person instruction, additional learning models will be offered to families. The initial successful small-scale implementation of in-person instruction at the developmental and applied technology centers has led the way for a promising prospect that more students and staff can return safely to school buildings. With the establishment of the virtual learning environment through the first marking period and distribution of Chromebooks to almost every student, AACPS is equipped to provide seamless instructional transitions between virtual learning to hybrid learning as the public health climate shifts.  We recognize that this new information provides new opportunities for families.  There are three learning models provided to elementary school families at this time: Virtual-Plus (Hybrid), Virtual-Half Year, and Virtual-Full Year.

    Each learning model option is described in more detail on this site so that families with elementary students can make informed decisions now. Hybrid possibilities for secondary students will be shared as plans progress. Families of elementary-aged students must register on this website (see Family Registration Button), indicating their instructional preference for each of their elementary students (ECI, PreK, Kindergarten, and Grade 1 – 5 students) so that proper preparations for staffing classrooms can be made.  You may choose the same or different learning models for each of your students.

    Virtual learning will remain in place for all elementary students as is currently designed until the dates noted above.  Adjusted student learning schedules and in some cases adjusted student cohort groups, will be constructed after families make their model selections. Once a family has chosen an instructional delivery model, those plans will inform staffing needs, classroom allocations (for hybrid learners), and transportation student cohorts (for hybrid learners) for the remainder of the semester; therefore, such choices cannot be altered after the deadline. Any students who have not been registered by the deadline will be placed into the Virtual-Full Year model where the time schedule does not change from what is currently in operation.

    NOTE: It may take a few weeks following the Registration Deadline until families are notified of any adjustments that may need to be made to classroom student cohorts, teacher-classroom assignments, and transportation schedules and details.

Volunteers Needed

  • Please take a moment to consider volunteering to support our midday block of time during the hybrid school day.  Have you been fingerprinted to and approved to serve as a school chaperone?  If yes, please consider this 2 hour/day volunteer opportunity on two or four days each week.  Please peruse this volunteer flyer if you are interested. (Spanish version)

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