Chromebooks for all Students

  • In the effort to fully engage students in virtual learning during the fall of 2020, AACPS issued Chromebooks to every student. Although there was not enough Chromebooks to start the school year, by the beginning of second semester every student was offered an AACPS Chromebook in order to learn virtually from home.

    If you filled out our AACPS Chromebook survey in August 2020, you have already applied for a Chromebook(s) for your student(s), Thank you.  If you didn’t fill out the Chromebook survey during the period between August 7th-14th, please use the link below to apply for your student(s) to receive a device. 

    We do need all families new to AACPS schools to fill out the Chromebook application form for their student(s).  You will need your student’s assigned ID number to access this form.

    NOTE: If you have any questions related to the functioning of the Chromebook device you have been issued, please call the Family Information Line from 8am-4pm at 410-222-5001.