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  • Welcome to the Meade School Counseling Department Online! Here you will find department announcements and helpful information. Any information not available on this site can, of course, be provided through your School Counselor at (410) 674.7710.  If you need to fax us, our fax number is (410) 674-3594. 


    Parents: Please email your child's School Counselor to request appointments. 

    Students: Please use the appointment request forms located in the counseling hallway and under forms on the School Counseling website. Return the form to the assigned tray in the counseling hallway. Your School Counselor will send a pass with the designated date & time for your appointment.

    Crisis students: please see Mrs. Cullum as soon as you enter the office. She will escort you to the appropriate person to assist you best.


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    1100 Clark Road Ft. Meade, MD 20755   |   Phone: (410) 674-7710   |   Fax: (410) 674-8750