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    Northeast Middle School

    School Supply List




    2 combination locks - one for grade level hallway locker and one for gym locker

    1 set Earbuds (Chromebook compatible *need to be plug-in; wireless does not work)

    1 set (12) #2 Pencils, sharpened

    1 small hand-held pencil sharpener

    1-2 Erasers

    1 Pencil Case, 3-Hole w/Grommets to be placed into binder

    1 set (12) Colored Pencils

    1 set colored highlighters (various colors)

    1 pkg. (200 pages) Notebook loose leaf paper

    1 pkg. (200 pages) Graph paper

    1 1 inch binder - Social Studies

    1 1 single subject spiral notebook - Math

    1 3 inch binder with pocket inserts

    2 sets Dividers, 3 Ring, 5-Tab, 11’ x 8.5”


    1 set (12) Blue or Black ink ballpoint pens 

    1 Weekly Student Agenda (note the school

    will not be providing an agenda)

    1 Calculator 

    Students enrolled in AVID:  

    In addition to the three items below in blue, all AVID students should have the bulleted items listed.


    1 combination lock for locker

    1 set Earbuds (chromebook compatible *need tobe plug-in; wireless does not work)

    • 3 inch binder with pocket inserts (will be used for AVID and ALL classes)  This can be a zip up binder or large plastic binder.
    • Three hole punch that clicks into the binder rings 
    • 2-3 packs of color divider tabs for subjects 
    • 1 zipper supply pouch to store supplies with holes
    • Package of pens
    • Packages of pencils (2-3)
    • Paper (white lined for taking notes (2) and graph paper for Math (2)) 4 packs
    • Cap Erasers
    • 1 pack of multi-color highlighters
    • 2-3 packs of sticky notes/tabs
    • 1 Folder (will be used to keep track of homework and take home papers)
    • 2-3 packs of index cards (preferably lined)
    • Reinforcement Tabs- 1 box (small white circles used for mending paper that rips)
    • Student Weekly Agenda 

    NMS students must bring to school each day:

    • fully-charged Chromebook
    • Protective sleeve for the Chromebook.  If students do not have one, one will be provided.
    • Headphones (that plug into the computer, wireless are not approved)

    NOTE: Instructional materials and school supplies should not be shared.  If a student brings a cell phone, it must remain on silent and stowed away in backpack at all times.