Crofton Middle School Counselors advocate for the acceleration of achievement and remove barriers to increase equity for all students in a culturally diverse, safe, and supportive environment.


    The CMS School Counseling Department is providing resources periodically to support our students and families. See the eLearning Resources link on the left to access these resources. Please contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns!


    Click here for 8th Grader's High School Scheduling Video


    Center of Applied Technology South (for 8th graders) - Watch this informational video explaining the subjects offered at CAT South and how to apply. 


    ATTENTION 8th Grade Parents/Guardians: Click here for information regarding applying to private schools. 

    School Counselors:

    Mrs. Devon Hale-Smith - School Counselor/Department Chair
    Teams 6A, 6B, 6C
    Google Voice#: (301) 971-2981

    Mrs. Lauren Giglio-Thomas - School Counselor
    Teams 7A, 7B, 7C


    Mr. Cory Ross - School Counselor
    Teams 8A, 8B, 8C

    Google Voice#: (650) 474-5998

    Mrs. Anna Worsham-Lewis - School Counselor
    Teams 6/7D and 7/8D

    Mrs. Tracey Esposito - Counseling Secretary/Registrar


    Michael Roberts
    - Pupil Personnel Worker (PPW)


    Registration Information
    Please call 410-793-0280 to make a registration appointment.

    Before you register, you must have the following:

    TWO proofs of residency: Copy of sale contract or copy of lease agreement AND copy of utility bill, bank statement or pay stub dated within the last two weeks of the registration.

    Copy of your child's birth certificate;
    Proof of immunizations;
    Copy of most recent report card or grades at the time of withdrawal from previous school;
    Standardized test scores;
    Maryland State Transfer Form (if your child is withdrawing from a Maryland School);
    Copy of Court Custody Document (if applicable).