College-Level Math Support Modules

  • The Accuplacer College-Level Mathematics assessment measures your ability to solve problems that involve college-level mathematics concepts. There are five types of College-Level Math questions that include:

    • Algebraic operations
    • Solutions of equations and inequalities
    • Coordinate geometry
    • Applications and other algebra topics
    • Functions and trigonometry

    Participants are encouraged to attempt the practice problem sets and visit the web resources to refresh the content/skills as they prepare for the College-Level Mathematics Accuplacer assessment. Students should speak with their math teacher to learn the areas of the Algebra content where they should concentrate their studies.

    Mixed Review Practice Problems Solutions / Resources
    Mixed Review Practice #1 Solutions
    Mixed Review Practice #2 Solutions
    Mixed Review Practice #3 Solutions



  • For questions about the Accuplacer Support Modules in English and Mathematics:

    Ruth Goldstraw
    Coordinator of Secondary Mathematics

    Alison Delaney
    Coordinator of High School English