What Happens When You Submit the Electronic Bullying Reporting Form

  • What Happens When you Submit the Electronic Bullying Form

    Anyone has the right to complete a Bullying/Harassment and Intimidation Reporting Form. If you do not wish to complete the form, a school staff member can complete and submit it. When the form is submitted to the school:

    • The form is sent immediately to the principal/(principal's secretary) so that an administrator can handle in accordance with the Bullying and Harassment Regulation for the AACPS school system.

    If it is determined by an administrator that bullying or cyberbullying, harassment, intimidation, hazing, and/or bias behaviors have occurred, the students involved in these behaviors will receive support from a school counselor, school psychologist, school social worker, pupil personnel worker, or school health staff person to be sure that everyone involved in the incident feels safe and supported and understands how to avoid these situations in the future.

    Actions also include:

    • Conducting an investigation within two (2) school days of receiving the report;
    • Taking appropriate action, based on the Code of Student Conduct in the Student Handbook
    • Notifying the parent/guardian of the target and the student engaging in bullying behavior;
    • Completing the Bullying, Harassment, and Intimidation Investigative Report form; and
    • Referring the target and the student engaging in in bullying behaviors to Student Services team member for support, including the development of a Safety Plan, if appropriate.

    Information will not be provided about other children who may be involved in the bullying behavior.