Homeless - Parent or Guardian Enrolling or Unaccompanied Youth*

Mandatory Forms/Documents

Additional Documents Needed

    1. If you have experienced a loss of permanent housing, please contact the school's PPW for assistance.
    2. Custody paperwork if applicable
    3. Evidence of Birth (one or more of the following)
    • Birth certificate (preferred)
    • Passport/Visa
    • Physician’s certificate
    • Birth registration
    • Baptism certificate
    • Church certificate
    • Hospital certificate
    • Parent affidavit
    1. Medical Records (all 3 - the school health room will assist in obtaining these)
      1. Immunization (shot) record (see Vaccination Requirements for Children Enrolled in Preschool Programs and in Schools - State of MD)
      2. Lead certificate for students entering Prek, K, or first grade
      3. Record of Physical Examination for students entering a Maryland public school for the first time. (within 9 months prior to entering or 6 months after entry)

    Documents Needed Only if Applicable

    • Maryland Transfer Form SR7 if transferring from a Maryland Public School
    • Copy of last report card/high school transcript
    • Documentation of Special Services
      • Special Education – current IEP, evaluations
      • 504 plan
      • ESOL services
      • Gifted/Talented