Volunteering for AACPS

  • Five pictures of volunteers in schools and/or working with students.

    Volunteers are an important part of the AACPS school community.  By offerering their time and talent, volunteers enrich the education of our students, support our staff, and serve families in our community.


    Engagement Protocols During Virtual Learning

    AACPS Virtual Learning



    As the safety and security of our students is our top priority, Family partners (Volunteers) will not be invited into the virtual instructional space. Volunteers who wish to support the needs of our students (mental health, housing, food, supplies, etc.) are encouraged to provide services though their school PTA/PTO or reach out to one of the Community Resource organizations listed on our webpage. Volunteers may also consider the following volunteer opportunities:

    • Support Hybrid Learning by Volunteering to assist during the 2-hour Midday Block
    • PTA or PTO member or officer
    • Music, sports, or drama booster club member
    • High school Signature Program advisory group member

    Thank you for your interest and please stay tuned for updates to our volunteer program. 

    Click here to read stories about some of the AACPS Awesome volunteer programs offered at our schools.


  • Contact a school's staff liaison for volunteers to learn more about opportunities and become a volunteer.

    For systemwide  questions about volunteerism, contact Shelley Davenport, Family Involvement Specialist, Office of School & Family Partnerships.

Meet Our Volunteers

  • Whenever there is an opportunity to help a child, I encourage everyone to give whatever time you have. You won't regret it.

    Read stories from volunteers and other community partners who share why they got involved in supporting our students and schools.