Healthcare FAQs

  • When is AACPS healthcare effective for new employees?

    New employees are eligible for healthcare benefits the first of the month following their date of hire. New employees must attend a New Hire orientation (call 410-222-5061 to schedule) and must enroll no later than 31 days from their date of hire to sign up for benefits, including Flexible Spending Account (FSA). Required documentation may be submitted to HR/Benefits via basket mail or mailed to AACPS, HR/Benefits, 2644 Riva Road, Annapolis, MD 21401.

    If I do not enroll in medical, dental, vision, and FSAs within the 31-day enrollment period, when may I enroll next? 

    You will need to wait until open enrollment or until you have a qualifying lifestyle change during the plan year.

    When is open enrollment for health insurance?

    Open enrollment is every November. You can sign up for or change your elections for healthcare, FSAs and voluntary life insurance. It is not necessary to re-enroll in healthcare benefits if you do not wish to make any changes. However, you MUST re-enroll every year if you wish to start or continue a FSA.  You MUST also certify whether the spousal surcharge will apply or whether you are exempt from the surcharge.

    Is there an additional cost to enroll my spouse in my medical plan?

    Yes. Employees covering a spouse in the BlueChoice HMO or Triple Option medical plan will have a surcharge added to their biweekly premium if their spouse is eligible for coverage through his/her employer. The spousal surcharge certificate must be resubmitted online each year during open enrollment.

    Does AACPS provide a credit or reimbursement to employees that do not elect to participate in healthcare coverage with the Board?

    No, AACPS does not provide this.

    What is a qualifying life style change? 

     A “qualifying event” or “family status change” permits you to make changes to your benefits within 31 days of the following events:

    • Birth of a child, adoption, or change in custody of child;
    • Marriage or divorce;
    • Death of a spouse or child;
    • Spouse’s loss of coverage or dependent’s loss of coverage.

    If I am a new teacher who is paid over 12 months, how often are healthcare deductions taken out of my check?  

    Deductions are taken over 26 pays. Deduction frequency is aligned with the employee’s number of pays (except for retirement deductions for members of the Teachers Retirement or Pension System, which are taken over 20 pays during the school year).

    Do the AACPS medical plans cover pre-existing conditions?  

    Yes, our plans cover pre-existing conditions from the first date of coverage. No waiting periods apply. 

    How do I obtain a duplicate/replacement healthcare or dental card?

    You may contact your healthcare vendor directly (see Benefits Guide for telephone numbers) to request a replacement card or request an extra card for your dependent(s), or call HR/Benefits at (410)222-5221/5219.

    How does coordination of benefits work if my spouse has coverage too?   

    If you enroll yourself and your spouse in our program, our plan is primary for you, and your spouse’s plan is primary for his/her benefits. If dependent children are covered under both plans, the parent with the first birth date of the year provides the primary coverage. Please note, the spouse in this example may submit uncovered expenses such as deductibles, etc to our plan. Coordination of benefits works well if the two plans are a PPN or PPO plan or a program that has an out-of-network benefit. Benefit coordination with HMO plans may be more difficult.

    What is the best AACPS medical option?  

    The best AACPS medical option is the plan that best suits your individual and family’s needs. Provider networks, referral ease, co-payments, coverage, and premiums are all factors to consider when evaluating your options. 

    What kind of prescription coverage do I have?   

    All enrollees in AACPS medical coverage have prescription benefits through the CVS Caremark Prescription Plan. Your CareFirst ID card serves as your prescription ID card. Members must use this card at their local pharmacy. Maintenance medications must be requested either through CVS Caremark Mail Service or at a CVS Pharmacy. Please review plan materials for a complete description.   

    How do I locate the primary care provider (PCP) code I need when enrolling online?

    You may go to the provider websites:, (links are also available during your on-line enrollment).

    May I just sign up for dental and vision benefits if I wish to stay under my spouse’s medical program?  

    Yes, you may sign up just for dental and/or vision coverage.  

    What is “parent and child” coverage?  

    Parent child coverage covers the employee (parent) and one child. Rates are lower than the family rate. 

    What are the coverage age limits for children under the AACPS healthcare program? 

    Eligible dependents are covered through the end of the month of their 26th birthday.

    If I separate from AACPS, when does my coverage end?

    Your coverage will expire at the end of the month in which your employment ends.  Continued coverage will be offered through August 31 for 10-month employees who provide early notice of resignation by April 15 (unit 1) or April 1 (all other units) and continue employment to the end of the work year. You will be offered the opportunity to continue your benefits through COBRA coverage (contact 410-222-5221/5219).

    What is HIPAA?

    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) provides certain protections under the law regarding benefit portability, limits exclusions for pre-existing conditions, and ensures confidentiality measures are taken by providers and group health plans to protect information.